We are living in the “digital age”. As citizens, consumers, industry and government, our expectations are being challenged and changed almost daily through advances in information and technology. The public, through social media and the “app” culture, already embrace this. The private sector is forging ahead, both matching external consumer demand and achieving internal ‘step change’ improvements in process, people, performance and profits through commoditising processes and leveraging technology.

This is the new “norm”; and public services need to match this pace. This is what Methods Advisory does.

Methods Advisory’s approach to radically improving public services has four core principles:

  • Making a Difference
  • “Open” Digital Thinking
  • Pragmatic Innovation
  • Sustainable Embedded Change


Our passion is in improving public services; not just at the margins, but the ‘step changes’ needed to stay ahead in this Digital Age.

Our work is all about making a material difference to public services and seeing the value being achieved, not just in principle, but in practice.

Many of our assignments have a direct relationship between the prices we charge and the value our clients receive.  We are not afraid of these ‘risk/ reward’ arrangements; we are confident that our advice does deliver tangible results.


“Open” is a term used all the time with regard to technology and information; platforms, systems, interoperability, standards, data.  It is the “Digital Nirvana”; everything connects to everything, all data is accessible and shared, and there is no ‘gap’ between separate solutions.  It has to be the ‘journey’ for all businesses to exploit information and technology to its fullest. Open Digital Thinking is about understanding and exploiting the relationship between optimising the business itself and optimising the underpinning information and technology; both are required to survive and prosper in the Digital Age.  The real challenge is making that journey the right one for you.


Our work is much more revolution than evolution and has all the disruptive, ‘Blue sky’-thinking you should expect from a strategic consultancy, but our innovation is always tempered with pragmatism; if the transformation is not achievable to time, quality and budget, then it is a very risky endeavour to begin.


We believe that unless the change can be achieved, adopted and embedded into the organisation, it will not yield the optimal value for the investment. A huge part of our role is to enable you, though methods, tools, skills and knowledge transfer, to conceive, plan, deliver and exploit sustainable change within your organisation.


If you are:

Passionate about improving public services
Determined to deliver step change, even if it is painful
Open to modern, sometimes radical, approaches

Then you should like talking to, and working with, us. Our engagement model is completely flexible in our role supporting you.

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